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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is listing my equipment on Dredge Brokers really completely free?
A. Yes. We collect a commission only if the equipment sells.

Q. How do I list my equipment on Dredge Brokers?
A. Follow this Link for complete information.

Q. What if I change my mind, or sell the equipment on my own?
A. No problem. Just e-mail us at listings@dredgebrokers.com so we can remove your listing. You owe us nothing.

Q. What if I want to lower the asking price?
A.Just e-mail us at listings@dredgebrokers.com and we will adjust the price on the listing.

Q. What if I want to raise the asking price?
A. Your listing is an offer to sell at the stated price. You can raise your price at any time by notifying us in advance and we will gladly raise the price on the listing. Listing at a lower price than you intend to sell for may result in your being barred permanently from listing your equipment with us.

Q. What happens when a customer responds to my listing?
A. We will send him the information that we have on file and endeavor to answer his questions.  If the customer appears serious we will refer him to you.

Q. What if the customer wants to see the equipment?
A. We will contact you for an appointment.

Q. How long will my listing run?
A. Indefinitely. In an effort to keep our brokerage listings current, we ask that you contact us if the equipment is no longer available. We may also contact you. from time to time, to check on the status of the equipment.

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